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Mission, Philosophy & Goals
To provide a full range of private trust services that will improve the lives of our clients, and meet or exceed client expectations.
1. People:
It’s All About Who
2. Process:
Do what it takes to establish a smooth, carefully documented process that is both effective and efficient.
3. Culture:
This is more than pleasant surroundings and good working conditions. It is mostly the way we relate to each other – the extent to which respect, fairness, decency and integrity are all found in our daily business life.
To vigorously pursue excellence and compare favorably with our peers.
To provide leadership of great competence and integrity (to always do what’s right).
To understand the needs of our clients and always act for their benefit (to treat others as we want to be treated).
To recruit and motivate a highly qualified staff; to focus on promotion from within; and to create a supportive work environment that will:

• foster teamwork

• encourage personal development

• provide deep job satisfaction
To reach out to our neighbors, and improve the quality of life in our community.